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ZooMed Natural Jackfruit Leaf Litter for Aquariums

ZooMed Natural Jackfruit Leaf Litter for Aquariums

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Zoo Med’s Aquarium Leaf Litter is the perfect new addition to your aquarium’s décor!

Adding leaf litter to your aquarium (and replenishing as necessary) allows you to:

  • Enrich and add interest to your fish’s lives by providing new grazing sites, more cover from light, and places to explore
  • Diversify their food source as fish graze on the leaves’ biofilms or the leaves themselves
  • Recreate your fish’s natural wild habitat
  • Wow your houseguests with a beautiful piece of nature right inside your home!

Jackfruit leaves (Artocarpus heterophyllus) sink to the bottom of your tank within 1-2 days to create cover and areas to explore for curious fish. Leaves will grow a biofilm of naturally occurring microorganisms, a perfect first food source for fry or other aquatic pets like shrimp. Larger fish may also eat the leaves directly. Leaf litter may add tannins to your tank, softening the water and reducing pH for keepers who need to maintain specific water parameters.

Beautiful brown whole leaves add a naturalistic element to your tank’s décor, perfect for keepers looking to build a biotope aquarium or elevate their current scape.

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